Board of Directors

Janann Blackburn

Executive Director

Cheshire Homes of Saskatoon


Tony Heit

President Board of Directors

Tony Heit was born and raised on a small farm in Western Saskatchewan. He was farming until 1980 when a car accident left him confined to a wheelchair. Tony obtained his social work degree and worked for the Ministery of Social Services as a youth worker and Saskatchewan Mental Health as a councillor for 20 years. He is currently retired and has been volunteering on the Cheshire Board of Directors for the past 12 years.

Launel Scott Board of Directors Cheshire

Launel Scott

Vice President Board of Directors

Launel Scott has worked with the disability community for over thirty years. From health, government, private and community-based organizations she continues to strive for enhanced accessibility and equity for all. Joining the CHS Board of Directors offers a focus on ensuring accommodation with services for individuals living with disabilities to reach their maximum potential. 

Carson Ramsay Photo.PNG

Carson Ramsay

Member of the Board of Directors

-Carson Ramsay joined the Board of Directors in 2019 followingher mother’s residency to Cheshire Homes of Saskatoon. Carson’s role as a primary caregiver to her mother provides her with a unique perspective, as well as insight, into what offers independence and enriches the lives of individuals with physical disabilities. As someone who has been directly involved in caregiving, an advocate, and a personal educator, she has developed a character that is open-minded, empathetic and receptive to learning from others.  Sheis committed to identifying and participating in proactive change as a Board Member. Carson has worked in the agriculture industry for 9 years and completed the Prairie Horticulture Certificate in Greenhouse Crop Production in 2019.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain



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