Our Philosophy

We believe Every Action we take as individuals and as an Organization must be motivated by the following Commitments:

  • To Treat all People with Respect and Dignity

  • To Respect the Privacy of others and the confidentiality of information

  • To Practice Open Communication

  • To Encourage Learning and Growth

  • To Actively Build Trust

  • To adhere to all policies and procedures of Cheshire Governance and Management


Therefore at Cheshire Homes, we strive for people living with a disability:

  • Provide Safe Attendant Care Services

  • Provide care that Protects Privacy and Dignity within an accessible home

  • Collect only the information needed for resident care

  • Share information only as it may be needed for resident care

  • Consult with residents on a regular basis to obtain their feedback

  • Encourage residents to maximize their independent living

Cheshire Homes Saskatoon provides accessible homes for those living wth a disability and foster indepedent living using the Eden Philosophy