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About: Who We Are

Our Philosophy

We believe Every Action we take as individuals and as an Organization must be motivated by the following Commitments:

  • To Treat all People with Respect and Dignity

  • To Respect the Privacy of others and the confidentiality of information

  • To Practice Open Communication

  • To Encourage Learning and Growth

  • To Actively Build Trust

  • To adhere to all policies and procedures of Cheshire Governance and Management


Therefore at Cheshire Homes, we strive for people living with a disability:

  • Provide Safe Attendant Care Services

  • Provide care that Protects Privacy and Dignity within an accessible home

  • Collect only the information needed for resident care

  • Share information only as it may be needed for resident care

  • Consult with residents on a regular basis to obtain their feedback

  • Encourage residents to maximize their independent living


Our mission is to provide adults living with physical disabilities an accessible, comfortable home that offers personal support services and fosters an environment of independence...

About: About Us
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