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Congratulations, Laurent & Lynne Desnoyers, Winners of 50/50 Raffle

Thank you to all the players who supported this fundraiser to help pay for future life enrichment programs


Cheshire Homes of Saskatoon is proud to offer an Echolotto Raffle Game to give people of Saskatatoon and area an opportunity for a chance to win a pot of money and contribute to pay for Life Enrichment Events for the residents of Cheshire Homes of Saskatoon. This raffle offers an opportunity for players to win 50% of the pot upto the maximum prize of $50,000. As a nonprofit organization funds raising is an important component to offering residents the best life experience possible. Through this raffle Cheshire Homes of Saskatoon can tap into a lottery that appeals to the masses. Yes this Raffle is not the lotto max, 649 lotto, max lotto, western can lottery, jackpot lotto, Canadian western lottery, sport select, or a host of other high payout lotteries, but your chances of winning is much higher. Only a maximum of 23,500 tickets can be sold and your chances of winning increase significantly by choosing to buy tickets in bulk. 1 ticket is $10, 5 tickets for $20, and 25 tickets for $50 which works out to be $2 per ticket. Draw date is 8:00pm February 14. This raffle is only available to Saskatoon and area residents.

or those who wish to buy tickets over the phone please call 306-337-1947

Lottery License # RR19-0532































Cheshire Homes Saskatoon -Online50/50Official Rules of Play RULES OF PLAY Rules of play: (i) Participants must be in Saskatoon & Area to purchase tickets. (ii) The purchase price of tickets is: $10for 1 ticket, $20for 5tickets, $50 for 25tickets.(iii) The number of tickets being made available for sale will be limited to 23,500(iv) The date(s), time(s), and location(s) of the draw(s)will be Feb 14, 20208:00 PM at 2901 Louise Street, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7J 3L1(v) The draw will be made by random number generator and the winner announced to all participants via electronic notification, email or telephone with instructions on claiming the prize. (vi) There will be only one prize drawn for. (vii) The Prize will be 50% of the gross sales to a maximum prize of $50,000(viii) Conditions affecting ability to win or claim prizes, including but not limited to:a.Tickets may only be purchased by participants physically located in Saskatoon & Area. Ticket purchasers must use a valid email address to purchase tickets and claim prizes. c. Prize will be delivered by Cheshire Homes Saskatoon. People involved in the conduct and management of the raffle are not permitted to participate(ix) Ticket purchasers may contact the Licensee in the event of a question, complaint, or dispute at 1-306-291-4085(x) People who wish to purchase over the phone can do so by calling 1-306-337-1947.On request, a paper copy of the ticket can be mailed out. License: # RR19-0532Unclaimed Prizes: Cheshire Homes Saskatoon shall hold prizes that are unclaimed in a secure location for a period of one (1) year from the date of the draw. If the prizes go unclaimed beyond their hold date, the prize/cash equivalent shall be donated to a charitable beneficiary approved by SLGA.